About Me

Hello, Thrifty Friends!

Thanks for stopping by. My story is pretty typical—maybe you can relate? I was working 60-hour weeks and was stressed, steeped in debt, and generally living an unhealthy lifestyle. After suffering through a series of stress-related health issues,  I decided to make some changes.

Goodbye, stress—HELLO, thrift! By altering our spending habits and changing to a more thrifty lifestyle, my husband and I paid off ALL our debt (student loans, credit card, car loans) in less than two years. Once the debt was paid, I left my high-stress academic career for a slower-paced lifestyle centered around my home and community.

Jess gardening
Transplanting baby seedlings—spring 2017

The changes in our quality of life have been tremendous! My husband and I live in an affordable old hippie town in the Midwest, where we enjoy simple pleasures such as a cup of coffee, a library book, and watching the birds splash around in the birdbath. On the rare occasion that I can combine all three of these things, I’m blissful!

We’ve maintained our thrifty habits and are always experimenting with new ways to save money!

I’d like to help you in your pursuit to live more frugally, simply, and more purposefully. I’d love to hear from you, too. Feel free to contact me.

Nice to meet you!
-Jessica L.