One Year of Thrifty Living: February 2018

Update on February 28th, 2018: While we didn’t save quite as much in February as we did in January,  we did manage to save a grand total of $210.25!

Our February savings comes from these strategies:

  • buying sale grocery items and planning meals around those items
  • using coupons found online and in mail flyers
  • making our own basic food items (e.g., bread, vegetable broth) from scratch
  • using our rewards credit card for large purchases to get cash back (and paying off the balance immediately to avoid interest!)
  • taking advantage of free stuff!

Check out the specifics, below!

February 2018

Category Description $ Saved Running Total
Coupons 10% off coupon for local co-op (found in mailer) $16.95 $16.95
2 online coupons for $2.00 off Organic Girl salad $4.00 $20.95
Grocery Deals Canned beans $1.50 off for 3 cans $4.50 $25.45
Coconut oil flash sale $7.00 off each jar (2 jars) $14.00 $39.45
Cookies $0.70 off for one package $0.70 $40.15
Hummus $1.14 off one container $1.14 $41.29
Shampoo & conditioner ($1.99 off each) $3.98 $45.27
Oatmeal sale ($0.99 per pound vs. $1.49 per pound) $2.34 $47.61
Tomatoes $0.99 off for one package $0.99 $48.60
Lotion (all-natural) $2.99 off each (2 bottles) $5.98 $54.58
DIY Homemade organic bread (6 loaves) $11.94 $66.52
Homemade organic dijon salad dressing (4 cups) $8.00 $74.52
Homemade dishwasher detergent $4.00 $78.52
Homemade organic vegetable broth (8 cups) $3.98 $82.50
Other Rewards cash from credit card $15.25 $97.75
Firewood—half cord—acquired for free* $112.50 $210.25

*Free stuff! Some family members cut up a few fallen trees on their property and needed a place to dispose of the wood. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity for free firewood! A full cord of firewood costs upwards of $225 dollars, so this was a huge savings! We’ve been using this wood in our fireplace during the particularly cold Midwestern winter. It’s helped keep our heating costs down, too!

Are you interested in free stuff? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a thousand times, people are always giving away great stuff on Freecycle. This winter alone, I’ve seen several folks willing to give away things like firewood, children’s clothes and toys, furniture, etc. in our area. Check out Freecycle in your area:


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