One Year of Thrifty Living: January 2018

…and the total savings for

January is…$991.08!

Ever wonder how much money you could save—just by doing simple things? I’ll be documenting my savings each month; each month will include links to DIY projects and additional savings resources.

January 2018

Category Description $ Saved Running Total
Coupons 10% off coupon for local co-op (found in mailer) $9.91 $9.91
$2.00 off Organic Girl salads (online coupon) $2.00 $11.91
$1.00 off Celestial Seasonings tea (found in box) $1.00 $12.91
Grocery Deals Canned beans $3.00 off for 4 cans $3.00 $15.91
Canned pumpkin $1.38 off for 2 cans $1.38 $17.29
Canned coconut milk $2.01 off for 2 cans $2.01 $19.30
Canned organic tomatoes $0.69 off each (6 cans) $4.14 $23.44
Celestial Seasonings tea $1.10 off each (4 boxes) $4.40 $27.84
Cereal $0.50 off (1 box) $0.50 $28.34
DIY Homemade organic bread (6 loaves) $13.86 $42.20
Homemade general cleaner $3.99 $46.19
Homemade organic vegetable broth (16 cups) $7.96 $54.15
Homemade organic dijon salad dressing (2 cups) $4.00 $58.15
Other Line drying 3 loads of laundry (save $0.36 per load) $1.08 $59.23
Refund from airline company** $110.00 $169.23
DIY car maintenance (oil change, spark plugs)*** $200.00 $369.23
DIY Car repairs (suspension & sway bars)*** $600.00 $969.23
Rewards cash from credit card $21.85 $991.08

*You know those glossy flyers you get in the mail? Always take a look through them. Sometimes you will find coupons for your favorite store or product. For example, our local flyer has a monthly coupon for 10% off at our local co-op. Sadly, it was years before I discovered these coupons!

**Has a business or product let you down? It’s often worth your time to send a complaint letter or email. After an airline didn’t provide a service that I’d paid for, I began sending (polite) complaint emails, detailing the issue and requesting a refund. After about three weeks, the airline refunded $110!

***One member of our household is a mechanic. We save a lot of money working on our own cars. The savings listed for car maintenance and repair reflects savings in labor costs alone (not parts).

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