One Year of Thrifty Living: 2018!

Do money-saving tips actually save you money? The Internet is full of stories about people who saved money and paid off debt through frugal living. I love these stories, but I always wonder…where’s the math?! Exactly how much money do folks really save with DIY projects, shopping for sale items, finding free stuff, etc?

Let’s find out! For the next year, I’m embarking on my own little experiment. Every month I’ll keep track of:

  • simple money-saving tips;
  • calculations of money saved;
  • links to DIY projects and recipes; and
  • other resources to save you money!

So, Frugal Friends, here’s to a money-saving New Year! 

Click on the links below for monthly savings tips:

January 2018—saved $991.08

February 2018—saved $210.25

March 2018—saved $337.21

April 2018—saved $175.90




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